We are so excited that you have decided to take a spin of our Software, BizApp247.  The next steps are all about helping you get off to a fast start. 

Here is the list of things needed in order for your system to be ready for action that we will help you get set on the onboard call including:

To get your system ready for calls and text messages:

  • Phone Number Choice
  • A2P Certification
  • Privacy Policy for Website
  • Form addition on Website or Landing Page with T&C box


To get your system ready for emails:

  • Setup DNS Entries at the domain registrar
  • Setup your first email template


To get your Social Media Marketing ready for action

  • Connect your Social Media accounts to the system
  • Walk Through how AI can make your life so much easier


To Get Your Reputation Manager Ready for Action

  • Connect Your Google Business Profile to your system
  • Connect Your Facebook Business Page ( If not already done above)
  • Setup your outbound messages
  • Setup your website Widget to display your reviews


Pipeline Creation & Dashboard

  • Setup your first pipeline steps
  • Test the steps with test data (user) to see the options you have
  • Choose the widgets you want on your main dashboard 

Once these steps are done, you are ready for action.

You will want to start learning how to document your information within your contact records and also, after setup is completed, test the email and texting functions.


Training Video

In our support areas, we have a number of training videos to teach you all about the A2P process, email marketing, digital marketing in general, and more. make sure you get over to these resources first to save yourself a lot of time and headaches.


Let’s schedule your onboarding call…