Baytech Companies, LLC DBA is a strong supporter of a spam-free communication environment.

Baytech Companies, LLC DBA has a ZERO TOLERANCE anti-SPAM policy. Any account found to be using Baytech Companies, LLC DBA for spam of any kind will be suspended and terminated without notice. If you know of, or suspect any violators, please notify us immediately at Any unused credits or remaining service fees will not be refunded.


Baytech Companies, LLC DBA offers permission-based email, instant message, voice broadcast, and mobile marketing communication tools that follow strict philosophies:

Communication - As a buyer of our services, your Baytech Companies, LLC DBA online sign-up page must state why you are collecting the person's contact information, how you plan to use the contact information, and must follow Baytech Companies, LLC DBA BizApp247.comTerms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Unsubscribe - Every email and instant message sent from Baytech Companies, LLC DBA contains an unsubscribe link or option which allows contacts to opt out of future emails and instant messages and automatically updates your contact lists by removing the user. The same result is obtained if a user replies to any mobile text with the "STOP" command. Recipients of voice broadcasts can opt out of voice calling by pressing "7" to unsubscribe as well. Subscribers can also call the Baytech Companies, LLC DBA Unsubscribe Hotline at 1-888-374-0555 and your phone or email will be immediately removed from any system we provide or send messaging through


Spam is any type of unsolicited messages. By sending messages to only those who have explicitly requested to receive it, you are following accepted permission-based messaging guidelines. You should not assume a preexisting relationship to be a substitute for explicit consent to send messages. For example, if your customer disclosed a mobile number in a normal course of business but did not specifically express consent to receive your message, you cannot send text messages to the number. If it is discovered that you have been delivering any type of message to recipients who have not granted you consent, you will be held fully accountable for your actions by Baytech Companies and any governing authority. You are subject to any legal actions that result from such violations including class action suits whether you use our standard user interface or API. Please refer to the following list of resources to help combat possible spam violations:


If you answer YES to ANY of the questions below, you can likely be labeled a spammer.

Are you sending to non-specific email addresses such as:,,,, or other general email addresses?

Are you sending to email distribution lists which send indirectly to a variety of email addresses?

Are you sending emails, instant messages, or mobile texts to anyone who has not opted in or explicitly agreed to join your distribution list?

Are you sending solicitation messages to any phone number without prior express written consent?

Do your emails, instant messages, voice broadcasts, or mobile texts contain false or misleading information?

If you would like more information on the agencies that manage these acts, rules and regulations, please click the links below for more information on each.AM Act



The recipient of your message has been clearly and fully notified of the collection and use of his or her contact information and has consented, as required by law, prior to receiving your calls or messages. Consent can be obtained in handwritten form or via email, website form, text message, or other methods in compliance with the E-SIGN Act. You will have to obtain consent from the recipient of your messages, even if you previously had a business relationship with the recipient. You do not have consent if any person purchased a product or service from you or partakes in an event, meeting, conference or general gathering. Nor do you have consent if a person "Likes" or "Follows" your business on Facebook or Twitter. If you require people to confirm that they opt in to your system but have not received a response from those people, then you DO NOT have sufficient consent and may not send messages to those individuals. Subscribers must also be aware that consent is not a condition of purchase.

What constitutes prior express written consent? If you are sending text or voice messages for solicitation purposes, then your campaign must meet the "prior express written consent" standard. The revised TCPA rule defines "prior express written consent" as a signed written agreement that clearly and conspicuously discloses to the consumer that:

By signing the agreement, he or she authorizes the seller to deliver telemarketing messages to a designated phone number using an automatic telephone dialing system and the consumer is not required to sign the agreement or agree to enter into it as a condition of purchasing any property, goods, or services.

The required signature may be obtained in compliance with the E-SIGN Act, including via an e-mail, website form, text message, telephone key press, or voice recording. For more details for the revised TCPA rule, click here.

You agree to not access or use ANY third party mailing lists for email addresses, instant message screen names, or phone numbers, or otherwise prepare or distribute unsolicited messages in connection with our service.

You agree to import, add, edit, access or use only lists for which all listed parties have opted in to receive correspondence from you ("Permission-Based Lists"). You hereby covenant that you shall not use any other lists in connection with your use of the service. In addition, it is prohibited to import phone numbers without tangible proof of the subscribers' explicit consent to receive messages. Doing so will deny you of this feature or be subjected to a stringent qualification process to comply with various local and federal laws. The process includes the proof of method for opt-in, to provide evidence of opt-in, your legal identity and your organization's identity.

You acknowledge and agree that not all messages sent via Baytech Companies, LLC DBA service will be received by their intended recipients. For example, sending a message to a distribution list may deliver messages to unintended recipients due to the list changing. It is your responsibility to keep your distribution lists updated.

You agree to comply with all local, state and federal regulations and general practices governing your specific content or promotion type. Additionally, content affiliated with pornographic or sexually explicit material or alcoholic beverages is prohibited. In particular, alcoholic beverages or entertainment content or promotions targeted to people under 21 years of age may not be sent through the system.

You will adopt and maintain the Privacy Policy, which may be modified by Baytech Companies, LLC DBA at any time for any reason.

You agree to identify your organization, product and service accurately and not deceive your recipients in any message with reference to your identity, offering, availability, pricing, benefits, and any other aspects of your communication.

If there are any questions, please contact us at or at 888-374-0555.

(Updated June 1, 2022)

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